Harland Sirius VRS

Looking to improve your labeling system’s efficiency? Try updating to the Harland Sirius VRS vertical roller labeler from Accraply.

The Harland Sirius VRS is a cost-effective solution for those in consumer markets, as it can handle many container shapes and sizes.

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About the Harland Brand

The Harland brand has over 50 years of experience in many different label applications and product markets. Our experience has enabled us to design and manufacture industry-leading pressure sensitive/self-adhesive labeling machines.

Accraply’s Experience in Labeling Systems

Accraply is a global supplier of industrial labeling machinery.

We have nearly 50 years of experience in engineering innovative labeling machinery.

In addition to Harland, Accraply is proud to offer these other internationally known labeling equipment brands:

  • Accraply
  • Graham & Sleevit
  • Trine
  • Stanford

Sirius VRS

User-Friendly Operation

The Sirius VRS is easy to run and comes equipped with a quick-change mandrel system. This allows you to easily changeover your machine and reduce machine downtime.

Wide Range of Products

The Sirius VRS comes with a wraparound system with a vertical roller stabilizer. This allows the machine to fit a wide range of containers and handle unstable products with ease.

Harland’s Sirius VRS is designed for those producing cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, and even beverages.

Three Points of Product Contact

This machine is engineered with two vertical rollers and a wide belt wraparound, which creates three points of product contact. As a result, the Sirius VRS can ensure vertical orientation for accurate label application.

High-Speed Labeling Machine

The Harland Sirius VRS can reach production rates of up to 300 products per minute. This production speed does depend on the product and the label’s size.

A Cost-Effective Choice

The Sirius VRS is a cost-effective choice for those in the market for a vertical roller labeler. This labeling machine’s high production speeds and label application accuracy help you get the most out of your production time.

It also reduces the amount of machinery you will need, as it can handle a large variety of products and containers.

Learn More About the Sirius VRS Today

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  • Designed for the Cosmetics, Toiletries, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.
  • Designed to be user friendly with a unique quick change mandrel system, changeover is simple keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • The specially designed Wrapround System with a Vertical Roller Stabilizer enables the Sirius VRS to apply labels to a range of round containers and excels in the application of labels to unstable products.
  • Increased cabinet space allows for greater flexibility for future upgrades.
  • Products are supported by three point contact, between two vertical rollers and a wide belt wrapround, during label application. This ensures vertical orientation of the product and highly accurate label application, irrespective of the stability of the product.
  • Will accept proprietary marking and security systems.

Production Rates

  • Up to 300 products per minute depending on product and label sizes.

Electrical Requirements

  • 20V/240 V Single Phase AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Special electrical options available on request.

Air Requirements

  • Air required for some overprinters and security systems.


  • As standard 705.5lbs [320 kg]

Product Capacity

  • Minimum Height: 1.57" [40 mm]
  • Maximum Width: 2.75" [70 mm]
  • Minimum Width: 0.94" [24 mm]

Label Capacity

  • Maximum Web Width: 6.1" [155 mm]
  • Minimum Web Width: 0.51" [13 mm]
  • Maximum Label Length: 12.99" [330 mm]
  • Minimum Label Length: 0.39" [10 mm]

Reel Capacity

  • Max Reel O.D.: 15.75" [400 mm]
  • Nominal Reel I.D.: 3" [76 mm]

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