Graham & Sleevit Full Body Shrink Sleeve Applicators: RF150 and RF250

Looking to take your product’s packaging to the next level? Upgrade your labeling machines to the Graham & Sleevit RF150 and RF250 shrink sleeve label applicators.

A full body shrink sleeve label can make your product pop, giving you an advantage over your competitors. These shrink sleeve labels can be customized to stand out to your consumers or fulfil a promotional plan, adding valuable shelf appeal to your product.

A full body shrink sleeve application machine, such as the RF150 or RF250, is a valuable addition to your manufacturing floor for many reasons besides getting consumers to notice your products.

Continue reading to learn more about Accraply’s line of full body shrink sleeve application machinery.

How the Shrink Sleeve Labels Are Applied

The RF150 and RF250 are both rotary-fed shrink sleeve applicators, meaning they use a rotating arm to apply the full body shrink sleeves. Its motion is similar to that of a fan, and carefully slips the full body sleeve over the product’s container.

After the sleeve label has been placed on the product by the RF150 or RF250 model, the product then travels through a steam shrink tunnel. The heat in the steam tunnel causes the full body shrink sleeve label to shrink to the size of the product’s container.

Wanting a more advanced shrink sleeve solution? Accraply can help you build or add to your shrink sleeve production line. Contact us to learn more about our revolutionary shrink sleeve equipment.

The Advantages of the Graham & Sleevit Shrink Sleeve Label Application Machines: RF150 and RF250 Models

Accraply currently offers two rotary-fed full body sleeving machines, which are the RF150 and the RF250. Both machines offer their users many benefits, which we will discuss next.

Increase Your Production Speeds

The RF150 can operate at speeds up to 150 products per minute. Similarly, the RF250 can reach speeds up to 250 products per minute. This lets you take your production to the next level, as you’ll be able to handle more products in less time.

Handle A Variety of Containers

Shrink sleeve labels are a great labeling solution for those that handle a wide range of container shapes and sizes. The RF150 and RF250 can label packaging with the following specifications:

  • Applies labels to oval, round, or square containers
  • A great solution for those with plastic, glass, or metal container materials
  • Capable of running shrink sleeve labels with PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, Hybrid, and PLA materials
  • Run materials with thicknesses between 40 to 70 microns

Run Full or Empty Products

Choose if you want to label your products before or after they’re packaged. The RF150 and RF250 Shrink Sleeve Application Machines take on the job with confidence.

User Friendly Controls

Both the RF150 & RF250 machines have a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a human-machine interface (HMI) that’s easy to operate.

These machines enable its operators to create and repeat custom job setups for each product type being labeled. This makes switching jobs a faster and more accurate process.

Minimize Maintenance Costs

The change parts for labeling machines can be costly and difficult to replace. Therefore, Accraply has made the change parts for the RF Series applicators low cost and easy to install.

Reduce Machine Downtime with Tool-Less Changeover

Like other label application machinery from Accraply, the RF150 and RF250 were both engineered for tool-less changeovers. This will cut down the time you spend on maintenance, keeping your production running at optimal speeds.

High-Speed Production

Reach production speeds up to 150 products per minute with the RF150 and up to 250 products per minute with the RF250. Both the RF150 and RF250 will boost your production capabilities, as you’ll be able to handle more products during the machine’s runtime.

Increase Machine Versatility

There are many accessories available for the RF150 and RF250 models. Each machine accessory added increases the functionality of your shrink sleeve label machinery.

RF150 and RF250 operators can upgrade their machines for improvement throughout the shrink sleeve label application process.

Here are a few of the accessories that Accraply currently offers for these machines:

  • Reel changeover systems that enable continuous production
  • Container spacing and positioning units
  • Detect/eject system for incorrectly sleeved containers
  • Sleeve positioning systems
  • Material shrink tunnels and conveyor systems

The Benefits of a Shrink Sleeve Label

There are many benefits to using shrink sleeve labels over your traditional label solution. Here are just a few that you’ll experience with the RF150 and RF250 machines.

Protect Your Products from Damage

Shrink sleeve labels are a great solution for those needing a durable product label. These labels will make your packaging resistant to scuffs or other damage during transportation.

Use in a Wide Variety of Industries

A high-speed shrink sleeve application machine from Accraply is fit for many different product markets. We currently design and service full body shrink sleeve machines for these industries:

  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Personal Care & Household
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Automotive & Industrial
  • Contract Packaging

Accraply’s team of engineers will work with you to determine the best machine for your manufacturing process and product offerings.

Added Security for Consumers

Easily add security labels and tamper evident bands to keep your product safe throughout its supply chain.

Tamper evident bands also increase the durability of your packaging and the product’s perceived value by consumers. This makes your product stand out on the shelves and gives consumers peace of mind knowing their product has not been tampered with.

Learn More About Our RF150 and RF250 Full Body Shrink Sleeve Applicators Today

To learn more about the RF150 and RF250 full body shrink sleeve label application machine, contact a skilled Accraply representative today.

  • Shrink sleeve labels applied to round, oval, square, rectangular, and irregularly shaped containers
  • Speeds up to 150 or 250 containers per minute
  • Shrink sleeve labels applied to either empty or filled containers made of glass, plastic, metal, or paperboard
  • Compact design minimizes footprint
  • Fully enclosed and interlocked guarding
  • Quick “no-tools” adjustment for fast and easy product changeovers
  • Color touch screen operator interface with recipe storage for container and sleeve material combinations
  • For use with PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, or PLA material from 40 to 70 microns thick
  • Product Diameter: 0.98 in - 8.27 in [25 mm - 210 mm]
  • Sleeve Length: 0.98 in - 11.81 in [25 mm - 300 mm]
  • Maximum Speed: Up to 250 products per minute
  • Material Type: PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, PLA
  • Material Thickness: 40 - 70 microns
  • Air: 80 - 120 PSI, 5.5 bar/0.028 m3/min
  • Electrical: 240 VAC, 3-Phase, 30 Amp / 230 VAC, 1-Phase, 10 Amp
  • Weight: 771.62 lbs [350 kg]
  • Maximum Unwind Diameter: 19.6in [500mm]
  • Unwind Core Diameter: 5in [27mm] 

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