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Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators & Tunnels

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Shrink sleeve machines use innovative technology to apply sleeves and labels to containers including jars, bottles, & more.

Accraply, a Barry-Wehmiller company is a trusted name in the labeling industry with over 40 years of experience. We provide quality shrink sleeving solutions to global companies in a variety of industries, including household goods, foods, beverages, medical & more.

With Accraply, the most vital components of your packaging line can be fully customized to your needs. Let us help improve your packaging line's efficiency with a shrink sleeve applicator designed for your business needs.



Accraply’s Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators

All things are possible with a shrink sleeve solution from Accraply. Whether it’s dealing with difficult packaging shapes or reducing the amount of wasted materials, all machinery can be customized to fit your needs.

Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Applicators (VF)

Sleeve materials made from PVC, PET/PETG, OPS, hybrid, or PLA material. These machines can apply labels at speeds ranging from 350 to 650 per-minute, depending on sleeve length. Perfect for high-volume label application.

Rotary-Feed (RF) Shrink Sleeve Applicator

The Accraply Shrink Sleeve Models RF150 and RF250 are compact and easy-to-operate shrink sleeve machines. Capable of sleeving 150-250 containers per-minute. These machines have a compact design and can apply labels to round, oval, square, rectangular and irregularly shaped containers.


Direct Apply Shrink Sleeve Label Applicators (DF)

Designed to meet almost any production line requirement. These easy to install, easy to maintain machines are robust enough to work a 24-hour shift and can be combined with other solutions to form a complete sleeving solution.

Steam Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

Graham & Sleevit Steam Tunnels handle the most complicated shrink labeling operations while keeping energy and maintenance costs low. These machines are part of a full sleeving system and can be integrated into your existing packaging line.

Heat Shrink Sleeve Tunnels

Suitable for tamper-evident bands and heat shrinkable sleeve labels these machines are manufactured to exceed industry production requirements. Our team can help you find the perfect combination of heat shrink systems to fit for your product shrink wrap label.

Accessories for Sleeving Machinery

In addition to providing the systems and maintenance, we also have add-ons for improving your sleeving machinery. We offer accessories for improving:

  • Non-stop high-speed production
  • Removing moisture
  • Label roll changeover time 

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If you don’t know your way around a shrink sleeve machine or need help choosing between a Rotary-Feed Applicator vs. Mandrel Shrink Sleeve Applicator, our trained support personnel can help. Contact us at the Accraply office nearest you.

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What Is A Shrink Sleeve Label?

Shrink sleeve labels are a versatile, low-cost option for labeling a variety of products. Since the 1960s, shrink sleeve labels have been popular because of their durability, attractive design and customization options. Shrink sleeve labels provide 360-degree product coverage and allow manufacturers to create eye-catching designs that stand out on store shelves.

Shrink sleeve labels are applied to products using heat shrinking and steam tunnels. This allows for a smooth, tight fit to the product.

Shrink sleeve labels can be applied to numerous product types. They are common in the food & beverage space, as well as pet care, home care, automotive supplies and nutraceuticals. 

How Do Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines Work?

To properly and efficiently apply shrink sleeve labels to products, special machinery is needed.

First, shrink sleeve labels are printed, using solvent water-based UV or digital inks. Once printed, sleeves need to be seamed to form the sleeve and inspected for label consistency. Once inspected, sleeves are cut, and applied to the product.

Manufacturers have a variety of options for this step depending on production needs. During the sleeving process, radiant heat or steam is used to fit the labels to the product.

Accraply offers a variety of solutions for shrink sleeve label applications. We offer both direct apply and rotary-fed machines that support full body sleeves and tamper evident applications.

We can develop a complete sleeve labeling system integrated into your existing production line to improve your output and grow product revenue.

Benefits of Shrink Sleeve Packaging

A shrink sleeve labeling machine offers high-speed production and reduced operating costs. Aside from production benefits, there are other ways manufacturers benefit from switching to shrink sleeve labels.


The ability to label products with 360-degree coverage allows your creativity to shine. Eye-catching designs on store shelves can result in higher sales numbers.

Tamper-Evident Bands

Customers have added confidence in their purchase and can be assured of their safety when purchasing products with tamper-evident bands applied.


Shrink sleeve labels are designed to stand up to extreme temperatures and harsh conditions while protecting the product inside.


Shrink sleeve labels can be applied to a wide range of product packaging sizes and shapes. Different materials, including plastics and glass can use shrink sleeve labels.