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Accraply’s launches Industry 4.0 smart HMI on pressure sensitive labeler serving the pharmaceutical, household and personal care markets.

Next gen HMI on pressure sensitive labelers [serving the "space between machines"]

Feb 14, 2020
At Accraply, we design and manufacture best-in-class labeling and converting systems. Our customers know this —which is why, again and again, they look to Accraply to provide labeling solutions. In fact, we currently have systems in the field that have been consistently used for 10, 20, 30 and even 60 years! Repeat customers are created thanks to the value and superior performance of our equipment, as well as  the reliable service support we’ve provided for decades. 

With this legacy of strong performance, and a vision toward future innovations, Accraply is now focused on what we call “space between machines.” 

You’ve heard terms like “Industry 4.0” – a trend toward automation and data exchange between manufacturing technologies, vendors and customers – and either the “Internet of Things” or “Industrial Internet of Things,” which refers to systems transferring data back and forth over a network autonomously. Effectively, this is where we at Accraply come in with our “space between machines” concept, working to bring our customers better accessibility, visibility, reportability and connectivity, especially in a new and highly automated world.

We at Accraply also understand compliance and reporting requirements, which is why we offer the tools you need to meet high internal operational standards and strict governance standards for pharmaceutical labelers (such as CFR21 part 11). Accraply systems  provide your operator with access to on-board animations that visually walk through all required steps for responding to alarms and optimizing labeling machine output. Plus, we have you covered when it comes to preventative maintenance alerts and ordering parts directly from the machine. Now, your authorized operators can order common consumable parts directly from the production floor!

Accraply solutions equip you with the tools you need to maximize productivity and enhance the quality of your product for YOUR customers.

The NEW Sirius Advanced (Mark 6) and NEW Series 100 pressure sensitive labelers both feature this next-generation and intelligent HMI, which boasts all these solutions and more.

For more information about the solutions Accraply can provide to solve your specific needs, CLICK HERE contact one of our experienced representatives, today.