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2023 Trends

Packaging Industry Trends

Jan 31, 2023

2023 Trends for the Product Packaging & Labeling Industry

At a Glance: Market Drivers

It’s been almost 4 years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still playing a major role in the world’s economy and supply chain. These worldwide problems have caused our needs as consumers to change as well.

This change in consumer demands has required manufacturers to put full focus on optimizing their production line for high-speed performance without having to sacrifice their product’s quality.

The food, pharmaceutical, personal care, and household product industries will continue to grow in 2023. This makes it essential for manufacturers in these industries to develop strategies for maintaining production throughout this difficult time.


Maintaining Product Quality During Extended Supply Chain

  • Logistics have been a pain point since the beginning of the pandemic, as manufacturers are experiencing delays in shipping causing products to travel longer than intended
  • Today’s manufacturers must create a packaging design that will keep the product secure throughout the supply chain
  • Tamper evident seals are a great addition to any type of consumer products, as they convey a sense of security and quality to your target market
  • These packaging designs must also help maintain the product’s quality in case of logistical delays


The Push for Accessible Product Packaging

  • Consumers are turning to e-commerce storefronts due to the product shortage; making it vital to keep repackaging for shipping in mind
  • Accessibility also means product packaging should be easy to use regardless of the consumer's age or abilities
  • Manufacturers should ensure that their product packaging is easy to read and open


Meeting Demand During the Labor Shortage

  • Many industries are turning to semi or fully automatic machinery to maintain production levels while experiencing staff shortages
  • These machines have helped them meet their current consumer demands and expand their product offerings, as they allow manufacturers to utilize more than one package shape or style


Macro Trends Impacting the Industrial Labeling Machinery Market

The product packaging and labeling industry will be influenced by several macro-level trends, which have been ongoing trends in the packaging industry. Each of these trends will make an impact in the personal care, household, food, and pharmaceutical industries in 2023.

Packaging trends to watch in 2023 include:


Automation in Packaging

As previously highlighted, automation in the packaging industry is a growing trend that has become even more present due to the worker shortage and increased consumer demand. This has caused many manufacturers to push towards fully or semi-automated packaging lines.

Automation will continue to grow in 2023, making it important for all sectors of the packaging industry to speed up their transition to automated machinery.



Today’s consumers are looking to lessen their environmental footprint. They are doing this by searching for products made by brands utilizing sustainable packaging, manufacturing methods, and product formulas.


Functional & Reusable Product Packaging

This trend goes hand in hand with sustainability, as consumers are trying to reduce their use of single-use packaging and emissions. Manufacturers are meeting this demand by creating product packaging that is reusable and functional for consumers.

Examples of this trend include products in packaging with resealable, refillable, or reusable capabilities.  


Smart Packaging

The push for smart product packaging will continue in 2023, as consumers are wanting more ways to interact virtually with the products they purchase.

Smart packaging enables manufacturers to provide a unique and customizable experience to their consumers. It also coincides with the move to sustainable products, as it can provide more details about a product or brand with less energy or materials used by the manufacturer.



Consumers are wanting to know more about the products they are buying, which includes its appearance and ingredients.

As a result, products packaged in transparent packaging has become a popular choice among consumers. Transparent packaging allows consumers to get a preview of their product before making their purchase.

Transparency in product packaging means more than just providing a transparent product package, as many consumers are wanting to understand what makes up products they purchase. Manufacturers should start to include detailed information on the materials used to make the product, being sure to explain each of the materials in a way that’s easy to understand.


Trends in Packaging Design

In addition to creating product packaging that can handle the unique conditions of today’s market, manufacturers must also design their products to meet consumer’s aesthetic trends of 2023.

Here are insights into just a few of the packaging design and branding trends we see growing in 2023.



Today’s consumers want to know more about the products they use. Many brands are creating a story around their products or brands, which can be visually reinforced in the product’s packaging design.

A product with a story is more memorable and eye-catching on the shelf.


Minimalist & Maximalist Product Packaging Designs

In last year’s packaging trends overview, we highlighted minimalism as a growing trend. This is still true in 2023, but it now has some competition: maximalism.

Minimalism is about marketing the product using only the essential information. In product packaging this can be as simple as just providing a product name and usage instructions.

Maximalism is the opposite of minimalism, as it encourages the manufacturer to create a tastefully overwhelming consumer experience. This is achieved by using bold colors, eye-catching patterns, and unique illustrations on product packaging.


Retro-Inspired Designs

Many consumers are starting to notice products with a vintage design or feel to them. This is because retro-inspired product designs give consumers a sense of nostalgia, reminding them of simpler times in today’s technology-driven world.

Retro designs utilize a muted color palette and typography with a handmade feel.

When done right, these product packaging designs can convey a premium product quality to your target consumers. This makes your product stand out on the shelves and may even allow you to increase the product’s price.


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