Harland Titan High Speed Linear Labelling Machine

The Harland Titan High Speed Linear Labelling Machine is a giant step in labelling for global brands. Developed from a major global contract, ‘Titan’ is a high speed, heavy duty 4-station linear pressure sensitive labelling system. This labelling solution is designed for applying front & back labels to any shape of glass or plastic bottle/container.

Totally servo-driven, ‘Titan’ provides accurate, automatic labelling at standard speeds up to 450 ppm. Because of its flexible incorporated labelling heads, 'Titan' can effectively apply ultra-thin film labels at high speeds.

This fully automatic linear labelling machine offers fantastic flexibility and high-speed capability for any label application.

Thanks to its four-applicator configuration, 'Titan' also provides zero downtime auto-change.

A Trusted Name in Linear Labelling

Harland has been a trusted name in adhesive labellers for more than 50 years. Our cutting-edge designs, leading customer service and high standards make us a leader in the UK. Request a quotation today to learn how 'Titan' can meet your labelling requirements.

  • With 'Titan,' quick, easy changeover between different products comes as standard. This feature is provided through retractable labelling heads that slide out easily when splicing, replenishing or changing label reels. This feature minimises production line downtime. Changeover is also enhanced by colour-coded change part scrolls.
  • 'Titan' features heavy-duty linear modular construction reducing maintenance and changeover costs. This also makes repair and servicing easy. Our linear labelling solution easily integrates into existing production lines.
  • 'Titan' features an enhanced control system incorporating a single touchscreen user interface. This feature provides a very high level of user diagnostics.
  • Unique software enables quick set-up times between product changeover. The labelling machine is self-monitoring to provide optimum reliability and operational efficiency.
  • An innovative wipe-down module ensures you can apply labels smoothly. This allows you to match exactly and accurately the contours of cylindrical products. 'Titan' can also apply labels to even the most irregularly shaped containers and bottles. 'Titan' has optional product handling pucks for correctly presenting the most complex of shapes.
  • Titan features a fully integrated inspection/vision system. This provides detection for label verification and presence, accuracy of position and alignment, barcode reading, evaluation and verification.
  • Production Rates:
    Up to 450 products per minute depending on product and label sizes.
  • Electrical Requirements:
    380-480 V AC 3 phase plus Earth, 50/60 Hz. Motor rating 2.6 kW. Special electrical options available on request
  • Air Requirements:
    Air required for some over-printers and security systems

  • Weight:
    As standard from 2,500 kg

  • Product Capacity:
    Maximum Width: 130 mm
    Minimum Width: 15 mm
    Maximum Height: 330 mm
    Minimum Height: 20 mm

  • Label Capacity:
    Maximum Web Width: 205 mm
    Minimum Web Width: 13 mm
    Maximum Web Length: 330 mm
    Minimum Web Length: 10 mm

  • Base Unit: 2 Station or 4 Station.
  • In-feed Unit: Single scroll, twin scroll, orientation units for aligning ovals.
  • Label Head: Label head speed motion controlled, optional stepper/servo, up to 60 m/min. Powered unwind option.
  • Stabiliser: Horizontally mounted servo-driven unit.
  • Conveyor: 7200 mm long, 82.5 mm Delryn slatband
  • Finishing Units: Servo-driven walking beam
  • Overprint Unit: Hot foil, deboss, thermal transfer, inkjet and laser coders.

A wide range of ancillary equipment is available for the Harland Titan linear labelling system. These options include:

  • Product and label counters
  • In-feed/out-feed monitoring controls
  • Pharmaceutical security system
  • Integral vision system with single point interface

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