Harland Mercury High Speed Labeller

Achieve high quality precision labelling with the Harland Mercury automatic labeler from Accraply.

The market-leading Mercury linear labeller is part of the trusted Harland family of labelling machines. This mid-range label application machine fits nicely between the proven "Sirius" system and the ultra-high speed Titan. The Mercury labelling machine is capable of capable of applying labels at speeds up to 250 labels per minute.

Mercury is a 4 or two station labelling system that can apply both front and back labels. This machine works for any shape plastic bottles or containers. Mercury is a fast, flexible linear labelling machine with a four-applicator configuration.

In the United Kingdom, customers trust Accraply labelling equipment for high-speed label application. This machine offers an easy-to-use interface and exceptional product handling capabilities to help streamline your packaging line.

Industry-Best Zero Downtime Production

Unlike other adhesive labeling machines which require regular maintenance, Mercury is always ready to help you hit your production goals.

Retractable labelling heads minmise line downtime. This is further enhanced by colour-coded changepart scrolls. The Harland Mercury high speed labelling machine was designed for production lines with a high throughput speed requirements and zero downtime production.

With Mercury, you're guaranteed fast, accurate label placement with low maintenance and changeover costs. Mercury also integrates seamlessly into your existing production line.

  • Quick, easy changeover between products: Made possible by retractable labelling heads. Minimized downtime enhanced by colour-coded change part scrolls.
  • Heavy duty modular construction: Reduces maintenance and changeover costs. This machine is easily integrated into existing production lines.
  • Enhanced control system: Incorporates a single touchscreen user interface. This feature provides a very high level of user diagnostics.
  • Innovative wipe-down module: Ensures labels are efficiently smoothed to match exactly and accurately the contours of even the most irregularly shaped containers and bottles.
  • Fully integrated inspection/vision systems: Provides detection for label verification and presence, accuracy of position and alignment, barcode reading, evaluation and verification.
  • Production Rates:

    • Up to 250 products per minute depending on product and label sizes.

    Electrical Requirements:

    • 220/240 V Single Phase AC, 50/60 Hz subject to validation.


    • As standard from 700 kg

    Product Capacity:

    • Maximum Width: 100 mm
    • Minimum Width: 15 mm
    • Maximum Height: 425 mm
    • Minimum Height: 20 mm

    Label Capacity:

    • Maximum Web Width: 265 mm
    • Minimum Web Width: 155 mm

    Other Product Specs:

    • Base Unit: Stainless steel unit, available with 2 or 4 label stations.
    • In-feed Unit: Single scroll, twin scroll, in-feed wheel, and/or centring units.
    • Label Head: Motion-controlled with stepper and servo-motor options.
    • Stabiliser: Horizontally mounted servo-driven unit.
    • Conveyor: 4500 mm - 5000 mm long, 82.5 mm Delryn slatband.
    • Finishing Units: Servo-driven walking beam, powered wipe-down rollers.
    • Overprint Unit: Hot foil, deboss, thermal transfer, inkjet and laser coders.
  • Ancillary Equipment: A wide range is available. This includes product and label counters, in-feed/out-feed monitoring controls. Pharmaceutical security system. Integral vision system with single point interface.

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